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The Basics Of Sugar Daddies And Sugar Babies

The Basics Of Sugar Daddies And Sugar Babies

Sugar dating is rising in popularity these days as more and more people are opting for it. If you are relatively new to this form of dating and you are not sure as to what it truly is, here are a few things to help you clear the basics.

What is the sugar dating all about?

Basically, it is a form of mutually beneficial relationship wherein rich and wealthy magnates are looking to date a younger partner who is gorgeous, sexy and appealing. The hot women are called as sugar babies and the wealthy magnates are referred to as sugar daddies.

sugar daddies and sugar babiesIn this relationship, women are mostly paid either a hefty sum of money or else they are offered a life full of luxuries where they can shop for fancy label designer clothes or even dine at posh restaurants and live the kind of life a lot of people dream of.
This form of relationship wherein money is involved for dating is known as sugar dating.

Is It Acceptable?

Of course, sugar dating is legal and prevalent in a lot of countries. It is quite popular in UK, USA, Australia and plenty of other countries as well. People who are extremely rich often find the need to take someone presentable to social parties and gatherings. Further, as the media paparazzi are often too high in these events, it is also common for media and gossip tabloids to focus on the dates of rich and wealthy business tycoons. This is the reason too many sugar daddies are found courting some of the most gorgeous looking diva in exchange of money.

Where To Find Sugar Babies?

There are plenty of sugar dating site where one can find sugar babies registered. There are a lot of women who have big dreams, but their inability to earn enough or their lazy lifestyle forces them to look for alternatives. These girls end up registering themselves at these sugar dating sites and your maximum chances of finding them is through these sites.
Of course, there are a lot of other ways too by which you can find sugar babies. Sometimes, you can meet them through a common network of friends, but usually it is the sugar dating sites which is the right way to go. It pays to know that there are umpteen such sites and a lot of them offer free membership as well.
So, you can always try yourself out at these sites and look at the kind of sugar babies which you can date. Similarly, if you think from a sugar baby’s point of view, they too can come in touch through sugar daddies via these dating portals too. Some of the sugar dating sites also list the income and earnings of the sugar daddies. They may also state the allowance offered and this helps in coming to the right decision in an apt manner.

Can You Date Someone Else Simultaneously?

Mostly sugar dating isn’t a mutually exclusive relationship. You will find that sugar babies do it just because they are looking for some quick money or to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Sugar daddies, on the other hand, either need someone to be spotted at social gatherings or they do it to indulge in flavors of passion, sex and romance. This is why both sugar daddies and babies can have other relationship too. In fact, it is common for many married men to find sugar babies.
The two people involved in a relationship need to decide if they want their relation to be public or discreet. They can also decide on whether they want to see each other exclusively. There is no specific rule book as such which emphasizes on these points and you have complete liberty to go with any of the rules.
To avoid any kind of altercation, it is advised to discuss these points beforehand. As a sugar daddy, you should talk and disclose your marital status prior to dating a sugar baby. Also, you need to set the right boundaries before you head further with a relationship. As this is a very open style of dating, it is perfectly alright to have your own dating needs.
Specifying them makes it easier for you to have a smooth relationship ahead. One of the best ways of making this style of relationship work is by clearing all the details in an apt manner.

The Perks Of Sugar Dating

If you are wondering as to what are the benefits of this form of dating, here are a few points you can check.

Spice up your life

There is no doubt that sugar dating spices up your life in the best manner. What more a man needs than a hot, gorgeous lady by his side? Similarly, when you are looking to live a posh life full of luxuries and fun, sugar dating is your best bet to have it. At the same time, you can also spend intimate time together and have a really lovely time too.

Take out time for yourself

Most of the sugar dating couples do not spend all their time with each other because they both have a life of their own. This means that you can always spend some time for yourself as you do not need to deal with the cumbersome process of sticking to the same spouse all time long.

No hard feelings

Sugar daddies are known to change their partner quite often and as this is an established fact. There is no scope for hard feelings after the couple breakup. So, if you are just looking for little fun and some wild time with your romantic partner, sugar dating is definitely one of the finest ways to find the perfect date.
These are some of the key perks of this style of dating. Now that you have the right basic knowledge, feel free to indulge in it, if you want to. Find out the best sugar dating sites and you are good to go.

How to Date a Sugar Daddie

Sugar daddy dating is undoubtedly a unconventional arrangement, again, it is basically a relationship as opposed to a mere business transaction. In such a unique relationship, as gathered from sugar daddy meets, the primary requirement of this setting is that : right from the start, individuals on both the end have to be very clear about what they desire, demand, expectation on emotional, financial and physical front.sugar daddie dating
A sugar baby has all the sugar while sugar daddy is like the money bank. As you can understand, in other words, a sugar daddy and a sugar baby has what the other person want. The relationship thus is all about willfully fulfilling one another’s needs. In this pretext, sugar papas often prefer and suggest to talk about their arrangement prior to engaging with someone.
A sugar daddy may be offering hid money fulfilling his partner’s needs but a partner must be his loyal companion, understanding and responsible as required in any normal relationship. Daddies like to show the best of the real world along with what money can or cannot buy or might come as a knight in a shining armor but they refuse to settle for anything less than what has been promised before hand. Sugar daddies provide ample liberty and space, they don’t ever push the relationship or force to walk in the bedroom right away.
We can easily sum up 5 reasons behind sugar babies’ increasing on any sugar daddy dating site, these are as follows-
Such relationships or arrangements are always mutually beneficial meaning both these individuals are on the receiving end. The bond does not simply center around money, wealth and gifts or sexual wants but far up to mental support, mentorship, networking and security.
No strings attached- ideal phrase for this relationship. Emotions should be checked right away at the door. Get ready for a friends with benefit relationship where your benefits cross mere sexual and financial fulfilments, including those based on honesty so that individuals eventually, truly care about each other.
Monogamy isn’t required.
Honesty is must. Disloyalty, distrust, deceiving draws the ending line in a sugar daddy relationship just as it does to all relationships. Surprises do make us happy but shock of learning the man you are with has children doesn’t.
Clear Break ups are opted for. The reasons for a breakup are discussed before beginning a relationship. Hence, it’s easily smooth for both the daddy and baby.
Women walking into a sugar daddy relationship offline or via any sugar daddy dating site are independent, confident women who know what they want and how to get what they want. They are attracted to sugar daddies for their intelligence drive, mentorship, sophistication other than the richness.
Many consider sugar daddy dating similar to prostitution – how different is it from indulging in making love to a man after he has paid dinner? Well, these relationships are relationships, not exchange. Sugar daddies need no sex when you seek an arrangement — mostly these relationships are revolving around companionships and experiences. It depends solely on what each side seek, it’s a win-win situation.

Women’s guide to sugar daddy dating

Unlike what most people think, sugar daddy dating isn’t the kind of relationship between a wealthy guy and a younger girl. It is generally such an association of two people where one is wealthy and the other is young and beautiful. Think “Hugh Hefner”, the king of all sugar daddies and you’ll know what the dating is all about.Sugar Daddy Dating

Money, sex and more

So, does that involve sex and money? Absolutely yes! These are the two things involved for sure. In fact, which relationship does not involve money or sex? The marriages that occur traditionally include both money and sex. So, sugar daddy dating is no different. But the key dissimilarity between the usual kind of dating and this variety is that it starts with an understanding among two people that will ensure there are no expectations or commitments.

Sugar daddy settings

So, what is exactly the association here? In the case of the popular and richie-rich “Hugh Hefner, he dates many of his playgirls and these women in return get an allowance or even a coveted boost to their career. They can even get a room in his Playboy mansion. Hence, he becomes their benefactor and a lover. But there are various kinds of arrangements in sugar daddy dating.

For instance, it can be a married man looking for a mistress or even executives that look for sexy assistants to accompany them. Multi-millionaires seeking beautiful travel companion is also not rare. There are cases of Hollywood producers mentoring gorgeous aspiring actresses. It can also be a guy with extra room in his home looking to sponsor with rent free allowance.

Sugar daddy dating – Women’s guide

The kind of setting in the sugar daddy dating process is quite complex as most of the active dating babies will tell you. Hence, it is best to find the most suitable practices and a guide to emerge as the most successful sugar baby.

Keep your mind open

You should be open-minded to participate in sugar daddy dating. Be prepared to encounter various kinds of sugar daddies. There is a chance to meet the most perverted, crude, abusive and pretentious types but most sugar daddies are wealthy, respectful and generous. You must be able to take all of these aspects in your stride as it is known that bad instances do occur in most relationships. After all, there are bad apples everywhere, isn’t it?

Knowing what you desire

The best way to be able to abate the situations is to know exactly what you want out of the association. This way you will be able to screen out the bad apples. Make a list of the things that you look for and those that you’ll never tolerate. An example of what you can be looking for in your quest to indulge into the best sugar daddy is someone who is generous, attractive, smart and respectful and can afford providing an allowance of $3000 every month.

Being budget upfront

The budget is the key to a happy relationship especially when it comes to sugar daddy dating. It can seem to being superficial to talk about money but it is a vital component of these kinds of associations. When you speak of what budget will be allotted to you, you can separate the haves and have not’s immediately. If a man tells you that it is so superficial to be asking for budgets upfront, you can just tell them that it’s superficial enough to make a selection of a sugar baby based on “good looks”. Sugar daddy dating is all about money and the looks in the first place.

Those women that can be open-minded will find that sugar daddy dating is just for you. The number of happy sugar babies with successful sugar daddy relationships seems to be rising every year. When you see how Hugh Hefner and his girls conduct themselves, you’ll know that life is short and you need to be able to enjoy and have fun while you are at it.