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Women’s guide to sugar daddy dating

Unlike what most people think, sugar daddy dating isn’t the kind of relationship between a wealthy guy and a younger girl. It is generally such an association of two people where one is wealthy and the other is young and beautiful. Think “Hugh Hefner”, the king of all sugar daddies and you’ll know what the dating is all about.Sugar Daddy Dating

Money, sex and more

So, does that involve sex and money? Absolutely yes! These are the two things involved for sure. In fact, which relationship does not involve money or sex? The marriages that occur traditionally include both money and sex. So, sugar daddy dating is no different. But the key dissimilarity between the usual kind of dating and this variety is that it starts with an understanding among two people that will ensure there are no expectations or commitments.

Sugar daddy settings

So, what is exactly the association here? In the case of the popular and richie-rich “Hugh Hefner, he dates many of his playgirls and these women in return get an allowance or even a coveted boost to their career. They can even get a room in his Playboy mansion. Hence, he becomes their benefactor and a lover. But there are various kinds of arrangements in sugar daddy dating.

For instance, it can be a married man looking for a mistress or even executives that look for sexy assistants to accompany them. Multi-millionaires seeking beautiful travel companion is also not rare. There are cases of Hollywood producers mentoring gorgeous aspiring actresses. It can also be a guy with extra room in his home looking to sponsor with rent free allowance.

Sugar daddy dating – Women’s guide

The kind of setting in the sugar daddy dating process is quite complex as most of the active dating babies will tell you. Hence, it is best to find the most suitable practices and a guide to emerge as the most successful sugar baby.

Keep your mind open

You should be open-minded to participate in sugar daddy dating. Be prepared to encounter various kinds of sugar daddies. There is a chance to meet the most perverted, crude, abusive and pretentious types but most sugar daddies are wealthy, respectful and generous. You must be able to take all of these aspects in your stride as it is known that bad instances do occur in most relationships. After all, there are bad apples everywhere, isn’t it?

Knowing what you desire

The best way to be able to abate the situations is to know exactly what you want out of the association. This way you will be able to screen out the bad apples. Make a list of the things that you look for and those that you’ll never tolerate. An example of what you can be looking for in your quest to indulge into the best sugar daddy is someone who is generous, attractive, smart and respectful and can afford providing an allowance of $3000 every month.

Being budget upfront

The budget is the key to a happy relationship especially when it comes to sugar daddy dating. It can seem to being superficial to talk about money but it is a vital component of these kinds of associations. When you speak of what budget will be allotted to you, you can separate the haves and have not’s immediately. If a man tells you that it is so superficial to be asking for budgets upfront, you can just tell them that it’s superficial enough to make a selection of a sugar baby based on “good looks”. Sugar daddy dating is all about money and the looks in the first place.

Those women that can be open-minded will find that sugar daddy dating is just for you. The number of happy sugar babies with successful sugar daddy relationships seems to be rising every year. When you see how Hugh Hefner and his girls conduct themselves, you’ll know that life is short and you need to be able to enjoy and have fun while you are at it.